The code name during development was “New Surf Project”. Somehow the name stuck and “NSP” was established. The word “New” reflected the brand’s identity, using innovative technologies that were new to the market. Today, NSP is one of the world’s largest brands in recreational surfing and stand-up paddleboards.

NSP is known for its sustainable technologies and products, including its CocoMat coconut fibre technology and bio-based surfboards, which meet the highest ECOBOARD requirements set by Sustainable Surf and carry the ECOBOARD GOLD logo.

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Shapers Union is a collaboration between NSP and several world-class shapers from around the globe. Established to bring new life, energy and high performance to the surf range, Shapers Union is our way to showcase the incredible talent of Shapers who have collaborated with World Champions, from longboarding to shortboarding.

NSP is currently teamed up with Hawaiian based Carl Schaper and the Australians, Tully St. John, Kym Thompson, and Marcie O’Neill. All masters at their trade, these Shapers create the shapes that allow top-level surfers to achieve the impossible, while also providing groms with the gear that enables them to hone their skills from entry-level, right up to the tour.

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NSP stands for “New Surf Project”. Established in 2001, we’ve stood at the vanguard of modern surfboard technology, producing light, affordable and ding-resistant surfboards. Almost 20 years and tens of thousands of boards later, NSP continues to build performing, affordable and durable surf- and SUP boards that allow everyone to surf.
- Bruce ``Buzz`` Hansen, Hawaii